Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted a younger sibling. I am the youngest of four in my family and honestly can’t remember a time where I wasn’t asking my mom and dad to have just one more kid. Seeing as I am still the youngest of four, you can probably guess that their answer was always a very firm and resounding “NOPE.”
Fast forward to May of 2015- the year I married my husband. That sweet husband of mine happened to come with multiple siblings- two of which were younger. Enter Tanner.
When Taylor and I first started dating, Tanner was only 13. He was still just a babe interested mostly in video games and honing that special ability that only little brothers and sisters have (I would know) to be exceptionally annoying.
Now, four years later he’s almost 18 and has truly turned into one of my favorite people. I got to watch him grow from an obnoxious little boy with a mini fro to this exceptionally wonderful teenager with a head full of curls only Maui could compete with.
Tanner is so full of life. He’s sort of like a ray of sunshine with legs; spreading light and warmth everywhere he goes. He is constantly smiling or laughing or making you do one of the two. His carefree spirit mixed with his tender heart make him irresistible to anyone who meets him.
I have absolutely loved living out one of my lifelong dreams of being a big sister. And I couldn’t have asked for a better baby brother.

We had so much fun bopping around Nashville for his senior pictures.
Hope you enjoy!


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