Kelly and Jacob

Kelly and Jacob are some of my oldest and dearest friends and man, do I love them.

Jacob and I actually met when we were 15 at summer camp and became like brother and sister. We spent late nights talking about deep things that made us both cry and scheming about how he would win the heart of my childhood best friend. Then 4 years later, during my freshman year of college, I met the spunky and beautiful Kelly. We instantly connected, joined the same social club, and even had a crush on the same guy (which we now laugh super hard about). We were torn up when he didn’t pick either of us and ended up bonding and forming one of the most rock solid friendships I hold to date.
Not two years later, Kelly and Jacob met and fell in love. They actually did long distance for quite awhile while Jacob studied abroad in Chile writing in journals for each other all the while (insert heart eyes). 
I can’t tell you what an exceptionally wonderful experience it has been for me to watch these two friends, from completely different stages of my life, commit to love each other forever. 
Their love is brimming with goodness. Watching them you see how silly, carefree, and giggly they are together. I’m all for that; give me all the fun loving couples who bring out the belly laughs in each other. But the incredible thing about Kelly and Jacob is that it doesn’t stop there. They get their hands dirty, they call each other out, they get raw and vulnerable with each other- all because of their fierce and relentless desire to love each other fully. Their hearts are huge and they extend such abundant grace to each other and everyone around them.
It is a joy and a privilege to be known and loved by these two.

This shoot was nothing short of literal and metaphorical rays of sunshine. 
Hope you enjoy!